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My name is Tarina. I am an interior design consultant and photographer. My husband Shaun, my 8-month-old baby boy Chet and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

After giving birth to Chet and finding myself in a new stay at home mum role, I started to miss my interiors job. Not to say I didn’t love being a mummy to this amazing little mister and tending to his every need, I was, but something inside of me craved for a creative element in my life again. I discovered instagram 5 months ago and fell in love with all the local shops I was coming across. I spent most of my maternity pay buying décor for Chet’s nursery as well as some neat threads from the amazing stores I had followed. The rest is history and it is safe to say I have made some lovely friends, been given some amazing opportunities and become an #instaaddict in those short 5 months.

Now to Chet’s space. His nursery is quite modern with a slight Scandinavian theme. The colour palette is predominately black and white with splashes of natural, tan and green. I love using raw, organic textures like blonde wood, leather, sheepskin, wool and greenery (obsessed with fiddle leaf figs) to soften the monochrome aspect. You could say that my perfectionist side comes out in my styling and everything is very tailored and clean cut. I know this will not last as he grows and develops a love for mess and drawing on the walls, but for now I am thoroughly enjoying this space of my home.

I love the morning light that comes through the corner window of Chet’s room so this is where I have placed the cot and shelf. To the right hand side is the chest of drawers/change table and the back wall is full of uniform triangle decals which I sourced from @vividwalldecals . There is a children’s replica Eames drawing table that I cannot wait to use with him in a few months, I imagine creating so many masterpieces together. I also couldn’t go past the wooden rocking horse from @mockaaustralia because it fits into the space so perfectly and is such an affordable toy that will get plenty of wear and tear in the coming years.

Most of the décor and art is from local instagram stores that I have fallen in love with. I am a proud crazy cushion and print lady. I have so many of both that I could put them on rotate for a fresh look every week. My love of wall prints has also blossomed into my own business @oh.eight.oh.nine , which I have recently opened and am thrilled about.

So there you go everyone that is Chet’s nursery at it’s finest, or as close to ‘it’s finest’ as I could get it haha. If you have any questions about suppliers please feel free to ask away or visit my instagram page @oh.eight.oh.nine where the stores will be tagged.

Tarina x 


Wooden ball garland @winniedotlabel
2x Blankets @jamiekaystore
Crochet floor rug @littlerosieandme
Sheets and Change mat cover @littleeskimoforbabyandkids

Boys will be boys plaque @arloandco

C print yorklee_prints
Wooden Camera

Circle print @oh.eight.oh.nine
House blocks @_harlowsworld_

Fiddle leaf pouch @misspotspouches

Stripe cushion @zeeandfriends
Bear Cushion @homelycreatures
Grid blanket in cot @creamempire

Personalised print @deuxsoeur_nz

XO blocks @peachybaby_
Triangle wall decals @vividwalldecals 

Grid sack supplier @prettytidy_roshnee

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