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My hair started growing when I was about 2-3 years and I think I was about 4 years old when the lady in the bakery figured out I was a girl.
I guess Stella takes after me because history is repeating itself...

The other day a lady asked how old 'my cute little boy' was. 'He's 2,5' I answered. I don't bother to correct people, it happens a lot and I don't really mind actually. I've always dressed Stella very boyish so I can't blame people... I've always had the full saying about her outfit, until recently:

'Mom, I wanna wear a pink dress'. 'Hmm, I'm sorry Stella. I don't have a pink dress...'
'On school they have a pink dress'
One thing you have to know about Stella: she will remember absolute everything and won't let go. So we had the same conversation for about a week when I decided: it's time for some pink!

Shoes:  Rainbowandsnow  Necklace:  Piratesandponies  Sweater:  Popupshop

Shoes: Rainbowandsnow Necklace: Piratesandponies Sweater: Popupshop

It started with something small: her pink necklace. Then she got a pink skirt and last but certainly not least: her hot pink hot jacket.

Jacket:  Rebel in the House  Dress:  Popupshop

Jacket: Rebel in the House Dress: Popupshop

Honestly, I don't like gender linked things: blue for boys and dolls for girls. But I decided pink wasn't so bad as I thought! Of course her sudden interest and love for girly things played a big roll in this but I also really like the combination with gender natural clothes (black, grey, white) and pink.

My absolute favorite gender natural children collection at the moment? The gorgeous Popupshop collection! Marble, penguins and ink spatters: yes, yes, yes!

Stella has a two week holiday and the weather hasn't been great! Although she would prefer to play outside in the rain and mud, this time I'm entertaining Stella with fun something fun to do indoors. Her favorite: drawing and painting. So painting it is!

Stella picked out the canvas (the biggest of course) and I told her to pick 2 colors. So guess what?!? Pink it was (and white?!).

Stella made a lovely (and a very big and pink!) painting. But when she saw it hanging up to wall she decided it wasn't finished yet and got a little mad... Ah well: next time my sweet girly tomboy!

Oh, and I decided to make a little video... Because I just love these moments and they all go by so fast!

X Anna

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