Summers Entrance | Style Contributor@MamaJulesJeanne

We can feel summer making its entrance and we are so excited about it, but for now it is spring and the smell of the first flowers in our garden is the best. Our house is filled with fresh flowers and this reflects in my little girl’s wardrobe. I don’t think  I have anything with a flower print in my own wardrobe, but I love seeing Jeanne in it.
Yellowpelota  is not very known –yet- but those knitted bloomers, I mean, seriously, how can you not fall in love with those. Their collection is spot on and so fresh. 


As I said, flowers are our go-to for spring and these flower bloomers from Sture & Folk  are  perfect to show off Jeanne’s yummy chubby legs. Socks in sandals, you ask? Well, yes. Glitter April Showers socks from Miss Lemonade  in the classic Salt Water sandals we found at Walking the Cat.  The golden Velvet Parsnips  necklace is actually mine, but whenever the little one sees it, she screams until I put it on her. I can’t really blame her.


Not only flowers are a big hit .We do love us some bloomers and this white little number is one big must-have.  The Spanish brand Laupers knows how to make your baby look darn cute. 


 Vintage rotan chair from Les Filles Marion 

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