The Alexandrena Parker Photo Shoot of The Pray4Trax Necklace.

When Talent, Heart and People get together, - Rad things happen!!




The Alexandrena Parker Photo Shoot of The Pray4Trax Necklace. 


By Mrs_Paulie_



It all started on the 24th of April with these lines:


“Hi Paulie. - My name is Alexandrena Parker, I am 24 year old photographer and I have Cystic Fibrosis.”


I had no idea this email would take me on the most incredible experience of my life. – an experience that involved amazing people getting together and working on something beautiful and getting nothing in return. 


Alex Parker is well known photographer who despite her young age already have worked for big Brands such a Country Road,  Seed Heritage, Bonds, Myers etc. Her work with photographing kids is amazing, - she has such a gentle approach to her work and the people she works with. - and it shows in her beautiful images filled with light and softness. 


When coming across our story with The Pray4Trax necklace, - Alex, who also has Cystic Fibrosis offered to help us out and photograph our colourful beads. – she arranged a photo shoot in Sydney in the most amazing studio. – she got the team from StyleM Mag to help with all the styling and clothing of the all the models. – and she booked beautiful little models to wear our necklaces along with Tysi. 


And finally Tysi and I flew in with a suitcase full of necklaces and grateful hearts!


It was such an amazing experience to watch Alex work, to watch all the people get together in the studio and help out for an entire day. – working hard on getting us the best result. – the styling team rocked the outfits for the kids and were so much fun to be around, - the little models doing such a great job and playing in the corners of the studio. 


And I just stood there on the side taking it all in, - grateful, - and overwhelmed by the generosity of these amazing peoples time and help.


The photos turned out great and we can now use them for marketing, our website and to give to our wholesale shops.  – words can’t express how thankful we are for this enormous act of kindness we received from the beautiful Alex, - I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are keeping healthy and well. And again thank you for helping us spread the awareness.

The finished images

lex Instagram: @alexandrenaparker_photo


StyleM Team: @stylem_mag

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