New Beginnings @Madebylon


It has been a while! Although quiet here, I was pretty busy. Busy settling. Busy adjusting. Busy decorating!


This was my second move with children (can't even remember how often before, but a lot!). In my opinion it's most important that their rooms and the rooms they often stay in like living room and kitchen, are finished first or at least look like it. It helps them to feel at home as soon as possible.


Although far from finished (our drill is broken... So empty walls throughout the house!), I would like to give you a little tour around Reva's room. 




Madelon (@madebylon)

Bear print from Tellkiddo (

Rainbow blocks from Grimms (

Apple pillow from studio Meez at Four Monkeys (

Yellow heart print by Two and Jax (

Doll bed from Smallstuff (

Origami boat light from goodnight light at Pearls and Swines (

 Garland from Engelpunt (

Bedding from Tas-ka at Pearls and Swines (

Pigeon from Oeuf at Fawn Shoppe (

Ballerina cat from blabla kids (

Soft camera from Suussies (

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