Room Tour- @minibots

Hi there, my name is Amber – a mother of 3, married to my best friend and owner of Minibots Online Boutique. My love of decking out my kiddies in the amazing products I found whilst exploring the globe led to the creation of Minibots which allows me to now share everything we love with everyone!

Today, we invite you to have a visual tour of our boys room. With an age difference of 6 years we had to ensure we created a functional space whilst also aspiring to keep it fun! We used predominantly monochrome tones with a shade of grey to help merge to two sides of the room. We chose pieces from some our favourite Minibots brands along with some brands we don’t stock because as a small business, we still love to support other stores and designers. We love printed artwork, so when we stumbled across new upcoming artist Pax and Hart, we instantly made one of their prints a feature of the room. As a busy store owner and mum I love to create things in the still of the night. The wire book shelf in the room is a definite favourite.

We must admit, that portions of the room’s design were left to our oldest son, Sebastian. He is incredibly creative and is finding his own personal style, which we've allowed him to explore. It was Sebastian also who expressed the desire to share his room with his younger brother. Since the banding of brothers, we have seen some wonderful moments between the boys in the room. However, it has also led to our daughter being “banned from the boys room”. To be honest, I don’t think she minds at all!

Enjoy the tour xx

Megan SandersonComment