Wunderkin Co.

 We are excited to announce that our friends at Free Babes Handmade is now Wunderkin Co.

Hand-crafted, heirloom bows made with pride to embolden your child’s wunderment and join them on the great adventure of becoming exactly who they were meant to be.  

Their bows are hand-crafted by women all around the US, and guaranteed forever.

Wunderkin is the combination of german “wunderkind” [a person who achieves greatness at a young age], “wunder” [wonder] and “kin” [family].

Photographers: Luke + Mallory Photography


Yellow and Gray Cross sweatshirt material cross-back dresses: Gray Label

Ochre linen cross back dress (on girl with pigtails): Soor Ploom Clothier

Yellow sleevless dress with ruffle neck: Mabo Kids Clothing 

Pastel blue and Brown colored dress: Arq

Light blue gingham jersey dress: Carly Megan Clothing

Leather Boots: Mikoleon Kids

Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

Knee Socks: Collegien Officiel … sold on our site!

Bows: Wunderkin Co.