Sakura Bloom | @quinn.and.theo

 If you are pregnant or just had a baby you are probably considering purchasing a baby carrier. The truth is, they are an absolute must have for any new mom. Our absolute favorite carrier has to be Sakura Bloom! We are LOVING the gorgeous color options in their new spring collection.

Sakura's sling calm children and provide babies with a safe environment for encountering the world. They help with babyโ€™s emotional, physical, and social development. They allow you to get work done and they make both Mama and child happy!

 Made here in the US, the process begins in their seaside design studio in Encinitas, CA, and then moves to their workshop in coastal Massachusetts where they handcraft each sling with care and ship them off to their new forever homes spanning the globe. Sakura Bloom uses all natural fibers and infuses lush textiles with a minimalist, modern design into each sling.

Sakura Bloom started 11 years ago with owner Lynne wanting a fashionable carrier for her daughter, Teja. Since, the little family company has grown, and with her husband Eric, and son Jai, they continue to operate a small team of four out of their California flagship.

Be sure to check out Sakura's Facebook group,  Unthreaded.  Unthreaded is a space for the Sakura Bloom team and community to hang. From behind the scenes, private contests, mom chat, + more, you'll always have a place to connect!

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All photos courtesy of @quinn.and.theo