Wriggly Toes: Making Sweet Dreams a Reality | @GodSavetheScene


At the heart of Wriggly Toes, is the belief that families deserve more education and more choice when it comes to the home and our most precious ones - our kids. But, safe kids’ bedding doesn’t have to be boring! That’s why they have brought fresh and inspiring designs to life with the help of some very lovable characters.

Wriggly toes is genuinely trying to do something extraordinary for all parents and their kids. Making bedding products that aren’t enhanced with harmful dyes, available to families just like yours. Each finished product contains no harmful dyes or chemicals - safe for every child they are taking on the bedding industry, one kid’s bed at a time.

And who is behind Wriggly Toes - one mum and one dad, just like you. Their philosophy for their own kids’ lives is simple but meaningful: Safe + Happy. That’s wriggly-ology 101.

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All Photos Courtesy of @GodSaveTheScene

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