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I am very fortunate to have a best friend, the same one my whole life.  We met at age two when my family moved into the house right next to hers.  We are the same age (well, she’s has 3 months on me but who’s counting) .  We have shared our lives: the good, the bad and the ugly (think `80’s hair – lucky for me her perm was worse than mine!!) and everything in between.  We have lived in different countries since our 20’s but that hasn’t stopped us.  We make sure we meet up when we can, speak every other day and have spent many family holidays together.  This year her eldest came for the weekend to celebrate my son turning 10 (she is 6 weeks older) and was totally up for being thrown into one of our shoots – wig and all! (well, this wasn’t the first time – every family holiday includes a shoot or two!).


The cowgirls are wearing the stunning clothing from Featherdrum ( (instagram: @featherdrum ) I’m totally in love with these gorgeous bohemian threads.  My boy is wearing the coolest tee from @knoxandlola

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