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Hi there! My name is Elske and I live in a village in the Netherlands. With my sweet girls Jelka (5) and Yfke (3) and my love Piet. 

In my daily life I’m a mother, a parttime advisor in communications and blogger and graphic designer at my own label. I design cards, posters and printables with fun and special quotes and publish and sell them at my blog Designing cards, posters and more beautiful stuff is a dream coming true! Once I had decided to do more of what makes me happy, I just went for it and it is even more fun then I thought it would be. Follow your dreams!

With the four of us we live in a small village nearby the town Sneek. It’s in the north of the Netherlands. Our house is a modern semi-detached-house. At the inside it is a fresh, scandinavic and colorful place. We love to play, eat, relax, work and sleep there!

The girls have their own room. No big rooms but it is their very own colorful place. I combined modern furniture (from for example Ikea) with antique closets en old painted beds. At the pictures you see Yfke’s room. The bed is second hand from family and with some white paint it is a lovely bed for a little girl.

I love to add color in the kidsrooms and I’m not that into ‘one theme thing’. No, just mix everything you like and it will be beautiful en perfectly you! I like the little wooden stove as a nightstand, with the rabbitlamp and storage for books.

My love for posters shows at Yfke’s room. A beautiful one with the cats from Littlephant and two posters from my own label. The paper garland I have made myself. Just get some nice thick paper, cut some hearts en sew them together. Easy! Kidsrooms are a lot of fun.

Instagram: @elskeleenstra 


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