The Birth Poster: Your child. Your masterpiece | @_JaceyCaldwell


In a 1:1 scale, The Birth Poster provides you with unique and timeless illustrations that are personalized to your newborn’s actual length at birth. The day your child is born is the most memorable day in your life. Then your child grows up, faster than you can keep up with. The Birth Poster creates the perfect keepsake to remind you of how small your child was when you first met.

The Birth Poster was conceived and founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2013 by the married couple Evelina and Gustav Westman. Gustav’s background as an award-winning Art Director combined with Evelina’s passion for illustration laid the groundwork for a unique idea and product that, to this date, has been sold to parents in over 95 countries.

The Birth Poster has attracted attention in a wide array of magazines and design blogs across the world, such as Apartment TherapyElle DecorFrankie and Anine Bing to name a few.

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