Noobie Box: Celebrate a new life with Noobie Box! @MasaKathryn


The Noobie Box founders understand that becoming a parent is wonderful but can also be overwhelming. They understand that parenthood has different stages and needs – what’s important when that bump is growing isn’t when you have a crawler. They help parents out at each step of the way with gift boxes designed for all important milestones.

A little about the 4 Years of Wonder gift boxes featured here:

 Year of Wonders, 4 gift boxes for the first year of the baby. Each box is focused on the milestones during that year and contains 5+ products to get you started: 

#1 Noobie Nest (0-3mo) - The items in thevNoobie Nest box have been carefully selected to help you get used to a sleep(less) schedule, to soothing, snuggling and more. 

#2 Noobie Eat (4-6mo) - From feeding tips to cleaning tricks, this Noobie Eat box will help you both enjoy every bite, slurp and spill during this exciting stage.

#3 Noobie Play (7-9mo) - Sing, dance, crawl, act silly and enjoy the Noobie Play box, filled with items to help you turn every day into a new way to engage your little one’s senses. 

#4 Noobie One (10-12mo) - First smile, first time rolling over, first tooth, first time sleeping through the night and maybe even first steps – it’s been an unforgettable year. Now it’s time to celebrate.

Treat yourself or a friend (and show expecting or new parents the support they need)! You can order all of the boxes online for home delivery. You can purchase them individually ($34.95), as a set of 4 ($119.95) or subscribe.