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For anyone who knows me, I am sucker for kids fashion. I have been since day one. Heck my daughter’s shoe count was at 42 pairs before she was even born! My two girls love to dress up, love being stylish but also comfortable. If a tag annoys them or a jacket itches them, I can say goodbye to that, never to be worn again. So I have to be extremely picky when choosing the girl’s clothes. 

Here is a look into some of my favourite brands and styles for the girls. 

I have been buying Lacey Lane since the day I discovered it. I cannot go past their vintage retro appeal, high waisted skirts and matching headscarves which completes every outfit. The two sisters, who are the geniuses behind this Australia label never fail in sourcing the most exquisite fabrics which never disappoint. There is something about Lacey Lane which makes my girls break out in a pose every time they were it. 

Bobo Choses is another favourite who have taken the kids fashion world by storm. Every piece of clothing is like art which tells a story. This season has been all about leopard…for me anyway. This leopard coat speaks for itself. It is the coat of the season and rightly so. I love how all their pieces are so relaxed and comfortable making it a winner for my fuss pots. 

If you were to ask Adele to choose her favourite outfit she would chose her leopard leotard by Popupshop. They are another amazing brand and another one of our favourites. If I let her she would wear her leotard every day and everywhere. The amount of looks we get when she wears her leopard leotard to the mall in the middle of winter, with no pants while roaring at strangers. I say good on her (not the roaring part). She knows what she wants. I love it! I know their swimwear is so last season but it will never get old and will always be a favourite. 



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