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Hi there!


My name is Sophie, I am a 32 year old mom of two gorgeous little ones. Ebba, who's soon turning two and Carl who's just a month old. We live in the south of Sweden.


I "found" Instagram about half a year ago and have developed a serious addiction and crush on it since then! Such an amazing space full of inspiration and amazingly creative people! Not quite sure whether my hubby shares this new found passion of mine as it often leads to me getting new ideas and projects that I want him to help me out with! =)


Since I was I child I have always loved craft and doing things with my hands but as life passes on with school, university, work and so on there haven't really been that much time for it. So when I got pregnant with Ebba I got my chance to take up this interest again. Kidsrooms are just the perfect thing when you want to be creative, there's so much one can do with them! I redecorated Ebbas room three(!) times before she was even born, and I loved every minute of it. I'm still doing it but not to the same extent, I think I have found the style I want in her room so now I'm mostly moving things around and adding new gorgeous pieces that I have found thorugh Instagram and just can't live without. ;) I dread the day she when she'll kick me out of her room wanting to put her own ideas to life ;)


I like having white as the background color, it makes it so much easier to change the style and color scheme when one gets a new idea to try out so the walls are painted in white. Just about a month ago I added a polka dot wall with the help of a circle paper punch and some vinyl foil that I bought online. A very easy and cheap way to change the look a bit.


The first thing we bought to Ebbas room was the wall bar that I like to hang some of her favourite pieces on, such as the Spearmintbaby blanket. I found the wall bar on a Swedish kind of Ebay page and just painted it white.Ebbas room is very girly in general with lots of pink and gold. The rug I've made myself as I couldn't find one that I really liked. I bought a plain carpet and textile paint and started dotting, easy and very funny as you see result straight away. Her closet is also a diy project made by my husband, my father in law and I. It's Ikeas Billy bookcases that we have put our own doors on. They're made of mdf that I have painted like houses and my husband have sawn them out after my pattern. The windows are made of vinyl foil.


As in most Swedish kidsrooms there's a String shelf in her room. =) A shelf that I redecorate at least once a week! I'd like to call it mom therapy, I just can't help myself! Most of the darlings on the shelf are bought online but there are also things that I have made myself such as the letter blocks. There are some favourites in her room that needs to be mentioned and that is of course the adorable unicorns from Ladedahkids, they are sweet as sugar. The Miffy lamp is another favourite as well as the cute dolls bed from Smallstuff. Ebba is putting the dolls to bed every night. Her tutu from Rock Your Baby is also one of her most precious pieces. Also I recently came across a real bargain, this amazing dolls house, that I will start renovate soon.


I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of Ebbas room, If you want to see more please come by


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