Room Tour @Sunday_Collector

Decorating my first baby’s bedroom was one of my most enjoyable decorating projects ever. I’ve got to admit I got a major case of ‘nesting at home’ in the last few months of my pregnancy. I spent that time putting the room together slowly, purchasing things along the way. As with all of my decorating projects, I started off with a mood board to get the look and feel I was after, and worked out early on the colour we planned on painting the room, Taubmans ‘Inverness’. Although we knew we were having a girl, I was keen to make a bold, fun and colourful space that wasn’t too girly. I was also conscious of working to a strict budget.  As you can see, I sourced things from all over the place - online, kids shops, bargain shops, op shops and family hand-me-downs. 

Here are some of the ways I saved my dollars while still creating an original space:

  • The vintage bookshelf was purchased from a thrift shop for $50 – and became as good as new with a coat of primer and Taubmans Peach Orchid.
  • I have always loved the 1963 Enzo Mari Red Apple screenprint. Budget wouldn’t allow for me to purchase the real thing (£220), so I painted my own version on canvas.
  • The vintage change table was from Gumtree for $40 – I gave it a good clean and re-painted it white.
  • The pendant light is the Foto from Ikea. I then spray painted it with White Knight ‘Rust Guard’ – the perfect matt grey in my opinion.
  • Cot and wall mounted shelf are also from Ikea
  • I created a giant confetti project from Beci Orpin’s book ‘Find & Keep’. I used more durable cardboard rather than paper.
  • My mum is very crafty, and made a collection of soft toys (critters), crocheted blankets and knitted clothes for the baby while I was pregnant.
  • A large amount of vintage books and toys were purchased at thrift shops along the way during my pregnancy. I love the mix of old and new items, making it a truly eclectic space.
  • I painted one wall panel in black chalkboard paint so when Sunday was older she would have her own wall to ‘grafitti’ with chalk. In the meantime, I have drawn my own whimsical illustrations.
  • Paper Mache Zebra head is from Kido Store  - surrounded by a collage of old cards and illustrations I had stored in my craft cupboard.
  • Paper Mobile hanging above the cot from Frazier & Wing
  • Wall Mushrooms from Herman Marie
  • Rainbow ‘Colour’ poster is Hard To Find
  • Freckle Rug from Down to the Woods
  • Yellow Rope chair from Le Forge
  • Rainbow ‘Colour’ poster is Hard To Find

2 years on, and I’m happy to say that my baby Sunday loves her room. She is known to often drag visitors by the hand to show off her eclectic little space. It’s a constantly changing room with no rules - and lately her own artwork has been brightening up the walls - it truly feels like a happy place to be.