Hiho Batik

Hiho Batik is an experiential retail store and art studio, offering people of all ages a chance to buy and make one-of-a-kind handmade products, in a mass-produced world.

Hiho's wide variety of garments, accessories, and designs are all handmade onsite in our Brooklyn store, using 100% cotton materials. The process leads to the production of soft, durable apparel that is also super fun to wear. 

In our batik studio and dye space, our guests create Make-Your-Own Hiho Batik products and participate in DIY classes taught by local artists and craftspeople. 

If you're in New York City, visit the store at 184 5th Avenue in Brooklyn!  If not, check out their customize from home activity, where you can draw something at home and they can batik it for you.

Below are some of our favorites, this bubble gum tee and this India elephant dress!

All photos by the amazingly talented  Kelly Sweda.

All photos by the amazingly talented Kelly Sweda.