Room Tour @LiveFreeMiranda

Hello there! I’m Miranda, a happily married creative mother of three living in Austin, Texas. I began collecting things for my daughter’s nursery before she was even a twinkle in my eye. Our two boys, Milo and Eliot came first, and I was certain both were girls up until my ultrasounds! When I finally discovered that my third baby would be a daughter, who we named Plum, I was over the moon, and continued to bring together beautiful, meaningful pieces for her room.

 I’m not overly girly, and wanted her space to feel feminine with some sophistication and timeless beauty. I tend to lean towards blues and purples as feminine colors rather than pinks, so her room has a more cool, peaceful feel. The brown leather chair and warm wood dresser add some coziness, and I everything on the shelves and walls has a story that I’ll be able to tell her someday.

 Most of the room is second-hand or vintage.  Although Dave and I have been married almost nine years, the home we live in now is the first we’ve owned. I have always been more able to decorate slowly over time rather than buying a bunch of things all at once just to fill the space. There are a few exceptions like the simple shelves for the books , the industrial laundry hamper, and the mudcloth pillow that were new additions to the collected room.

 Although we love art and have gathered some great paintings for our home, the art in the nursery isn’t traditional, rather framed vintage scarves and postcards all found in unexpected places.  After a year of having the whimsical vintage Hermès scarf simply pinned to the wall, I finally shipped it off to Framebridge to be framed and it now it is so beautifully finished it feels like the focal point for the room, balancing out the old and new, sophisticated and youthful, bright and muted. It, along with most of the other pieces in her room will be able to grow up with her and always feel at home here.

 The light through the window often filters through the trees outside and feels moody and magical. I love spending time in this special space with Plum and her brothers, reading, playing, and making memories.

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