Kardashian Kids SS15 | Style Contributor @FreeandWildChild

Kardashian kids SS15 is a collection of beautiful, classic and affordable pieces for your little babies, girls and boys. We picked out a few classic pieces from the collection, and were immediately so taken with the softness of the fabrics. The drape of the skirt is so pretty and the pleated top sits so well due to the little copper coloured buttons. The eyelet bomber jacket is my favourite of them all, it truly is a gorgeous piece for this summer. All the pieces sits so beautifully and are all durable and easily washable, so your little princess can wear these pieces to the sweetest of birthday parties or while on rock climbing adventures with dogs 3 times their size, without you having to worry about their clothes getting ruined.


Staying true to our free and wild spirits, I decided to rock these outfits up a little, so for the bright and rocky adventure I went with the handcrafted and incredible Manuela de Juan Charles metal jaguar shoes and the handmade emerald green bunny mask from Animalesque by Sara Lowes -which absolutely completed the outfit. "The dot over the i" as we say in Norwegian. 

The kids love it when we go down to this beautiful location just 15 minutes walk from our house in coastal Australia. They can roam free and happy and just do what kids do best: explore their surroundings.  

They love climbing these amazing caves and rocky walls, to the point where I am a holding my breath in worry. I do trust that they know their limitations and for the times they do not, lucky for them, they have a mama who can climb to the rescue! Willow loved being an exploring little bunny rabbit. 


For my 1968's inspired (super windy) sunset shoot with the beautiful American bulldogs Sugar and Vandal, I went with this infamous Led Zeppelin tee, Sons + daughters "Happy" sunglasses and handcrafted Manuela de Juan Glitter Derby's and completed the look with a black satin bow.

My sweet Willow simply adores the two dogs and they adore her, so lots of kisses and giggles as they all gobbled up a bag of popcorn, shared between good friends in the pinkest of sunsets. 


I hope you will enjoy these sunshine and sunset adventures and that you will adore your Kardashian Kids pieces as we do.  


XOXO  Karianne 

Clothing by @kardashiankids

Shoes by Manuela de Juan 

Bunny mask by Animalesque 

Sunglasses by Sons + Daughters 

Sunset shoot: photography by Ingrid Sjodahl 

Bunny shoot: photography by Karianne Pettersen