Ode to Jeune | "Begin the Journey" featuring @FancyTreehouse

We are so exciting to be sharing Ode to Jeune's first look book of the season starring Coury Combs and her daughter Goldie, a popular little Instagram duo.

The AW15 Collection entitled "Begin the Journey" features Into the Woods-inspired pieces including a 'Little Red Cape' that comes in various colorways, jumpsuits for the active explorers, and long-sleeved a-line dresses that are perfect for a day in the woods. 

The entire line is created using salvaged materials found locally. On top of this sustainable practice, Ode to Jeune is also manufactured locally using fair trade practices. This brand is quickly becoming a leading influencer in the children's fashion industry. 

Ode to Jeune's adorable AW15 collection, launches today (September 17th) and is available for purchase here.


Gretchen Easton

Megan SandersonComment