An Indian Summer in Belgium | @MamaJulesJeanne

We don’t really get to enjoy a long warm Indian summer in Belgium. Unfortunately. Last weekend we let the kids play in the garden between two showers. Oh the rain, you got to love that Belgian weather…

I love to see how well Jeanne and her little friend Lou-Rose get along. My friend and I were pregnant at the same time with our girls and we hope that those two little partners in crime will be good friends, just like we are. They sure keep us on our toes, ha! The blonde and the brunette are ready to conquer the world. Oh boy. 

The girls are both wearing a Hubble and Duke outfit and shoes from Les Casse Pieds

Clothes and socks from Hubble and Duke

Shoes from Les Casse Pieds

Chairs from Les Filles Marion  

Styling and photography | @MamaJulesJeanne




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