Motoreta AW 14/15


Every season Motoreta creates a story, a them that envolves the idea behind of every

collection. We look for a refined selection of visual material with a deeper meaning. We enjoy

doing ourselft the photo shooting and creating the brand and life style concept of Motoreta.

The inspiration comes from architecture, art, fashion, from our surroundings, from our

own experience of living in the south of Spain. Almost every corner in old town of Seville is

full of beautiful and strong images, colours, dots, frills... elements with a strong presence in

the Andalusia traditional costumes which are reflected in some of our designs but from our

own point of view. These kind of interpretations are just fascinating for us. As an architects,

we are attracted also by geometrical shapes, plain colours and volumens.

In this AW1415 collection,


the cold colors are outside of

the garments: grey, black, dark brown or denim wrap and protect the kids from the winter.

Inside, like a second skin, yellow, pink, water blue, green... the colors that kid’s dreams are

made of.

Megan SandersonComment