Georgie's Room- @littledwellings

When designing Georgie's room I wanted to create a space that was fun yet
relaxing. When I was pregnant we decided to paint the walls in the soft
blue/light aqua (not knowing the sex of the baby we thought it was a colour
that could work both ways).

Since then Georgie has decided that she loves the colour pink. I wanted to incorporate it somewhere in the room and decided to paint the top of one wall with the soft pink zig zag pattern.  The colours in her room are soft pink, grey, light blue and gold - working
in harmony to create a beautiful space. Georgie loves her room & is often
found playing in there with her dollies, toys or reading a book. It is so
nice to see all my ideas over the years come together, but more importantly
it brings me great joy to watch Georgie enjoy being in her room.


Room credits:
-Pappiyon Designs custom design quilt cover
-Laura Blythman "love you big much" custom design artwork

Thank you so much!

Kate xx