Mister Zimi | Mini Zimi

Mini Zimi unashamedly marches by the beat of its own drum. Diverse, ageless and not dictated to by trends, the label has cultivated a dedicated following since its creation in 2007.

Husband and wife team Jimi and Zoe Paul’s designs are intended to be versatile, trans-seasonal and inspired in their simplicity. Mister Zimi’s easy-going aesthetic, relaxed silhouettes and vivacious prints are about feeling bold in the print and relaxed in the fit.

Creating patterns and prints inspired by exotic locations and cultures, each season is a carefully designed edit of 70s inspired garments including classic shift dresses, maxi skirts and harem pants.

An inspired array of unapologetic statements, Mini Zimi is for the adventurer in all of us.

These mini models had a blast shooting the Mini Zimi collection in Santa Monica with photographer, Lily Glass.

A few of our favorite pieces are this blue dress and these  harem pants. The prints are just so much fun!

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