Mainio Clothing AW 14/15

Mainio was born of a desire to make laid-back and up-to-date children’s clothes that both children and their parents like. Mainio is adventurous and easily inspired. We work by instinct, and that’s why Mainio is so authentic.

Their inspiration stems from interesting phenomena, everyday insights, and street fashion. They are fascinated by wild, even weird combinations of colors. The more unusual the blend, the better the outcome. Mainios can be combined infinitely!

Mainios are everyday wear, comfortable and easy to maintain. The collection is for babies through to 12-year-olds, and most of the clothes can be worn all year round.

Mainio clothing is produced openly and honestly. The products are manufactured in a factory that has SA8000 certification, a social accountability standard, and working conditions they have known for 15 years. Read more here.

They donate 2% of sales to improve the welfare of the immediate community of their Indian factory. They report all donations transparently on our blog as the year goes on. You have the choice of donating this percentage while making a purchase.

Character, cool, and openess are the main ingredients that make up Mainio.

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