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As a mom of three wonderful boys, Carrie Ball couldn’t wait to prepare them for school. She loved the excitement on their faces as they mastered writing their names, reading their first sight words, and counting to one hundred. To prepare her boys for Kindergarten, she made a list of academic goals that would provide them with a foundation as they entered Kindergarten. These academic goals aligned with the Kindergarten standards from their local school district. 

Carrie created a Toolkit based on her academic goal list. The Toolkit proved to be very successful in preparing her children for Kindergarten. Her sons loved the weekly one on one time, and they grew academically each week. She was able to build and expand as needed with each of her boys. Carrie cherished this time to be a “teacher” again. When it came time to start Kindergarten, the boys were prepared and therefore they excelled. She realized it would be wonderful for all parents or grandparents to have these tools to work with their own children. With these thoughts in mind, she created “The Kindergarten Toolkit”.

Carrie created and packaged “The Kindergarten Toolkit” with the same materials, instructions and lessons that she used for her own boys. The Toolkit is designed so that anyone, with or without a teaching background, can use the materials and lessons to fully prepare their child for kindergarten. By using “The Kindergarten Toolkit” for a minimum of thirty minutes per week, your child will have a solid academic foundation for the start of Kindergarten.  


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