An Adorable Disneyland Party: @BeijosEvents

BEIJOS_DISNEY 2018-1.jpg

It's probably every little kid's dream to have a Disney themed birthday celebration, right? Our friends at Beijos Events pit together the most perfect party fit for a Mousketeer! These kiddos were ready to party, eat some treats and make some magic!!! Scroll down to the bottom for resources. Thank you to Beijos Events for sharing this super magical day with us!

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Design/Styling - Beijos Events

Photographer - Lyndsey Yeomans

Balloons/Tabletop/Venue - Wild Child Party 

Florals - Mulberry & Moss

Calligraphy/Cocktail Stirrers/Invite - Poppy Jack Shop

Desserts - Sweet & Saucy Shop

Kid's Clothing - Paush Mini from Sweet Threads

Kid's Accessories & Styling - The Daydream Republic


Design & Styling - @beijosevents / Photographer - @lyndseyyo / Ballons, Tabletop & Venue - @wildchildparty / Florals - @mulberryandmoss / Calligraphy, Cocktail Stirrers & Invite - @poppyjackshop / Desserts - @sweetnsaucyshop / Kid's Clothing - @paushmini for @shopsweetthreads / Kid's Accessories & Styling - @thedaydreamrepublic