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A couple of days ago I wanted to go and buy a beautiful plant for our livingroom.  It is always a bit of a challenge to go to a flowershop, or any shop for that matter, with 3 little babes. Our local flowershop is quite big, and as soon as the boys see wide and open spaces, they start running and chasing each other, acting all silly, of course.  Since I know the owners, I’m convinced they don’t mind this one bit, and they love kids to brighten up the space.  Especially when they look as cute as they do in their Bobo Choses tees and Mini Rodini dress.  We found all these beautiful pieces at our fave shop Pepatino.  The boys were wearing gorgeous shoes from Efvva and Lilou was wearing beautiful socks from Mrugala.  When I want everyone to calm down and relax, I’m so thankful to have my double stroller with me, ha!  It’s so funny, how what would normally be just a little moment buying a plant, can turn into a real adventure with kids.  We got to explore the entire shop and we even found some secret doors and spaces…

All clothes from Pepatino

Shoes boys from Efvva

Socks Lilou from Mrugala

Sunglasses from Very French Gangsters


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