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My big girl turned THREE this past December, and we had such a special time celebrating her. It was a "Girls Only" party that suggested you come in your fur coat. The weather was chilly so why not show up in style?! 

All mamas and daughters got crafty and made flower crowns together. Lisa from Pippa & Co. had a beautiful craft table set-up for us. 

France's only request was Pink hair?! I granted her wish and she made sure everyone knew she had Pink hair. This birthday celebration was hands down my favorite. It was so simple with little pops of color. I spent a couple months prior to the party, picking up things for her day so I was not stressing. We kept it so small that I was able to soak it all in with my pink haired babe...

So far...THREE has been a wild ride. 

XX. Mami Quiz 



Cups, napkins, plates: Target in collaboration with OhJoy

Frances dress and shoes


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