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Simarron Robertson- Owner, Maker, Designer of Dreamkeepers considers her beautiful dreamcatchers to be sacred objects and the making of them a sacred process. It is believed that bad dreams will be caught in the web and the good dreams will slide down to the person the dream catcher is protecting. 
The process of making one of her dreamcatchers takes about 30 days, from the collecting and forming of the willow branches to gathering the beads and feathers to making the web. She is dedicated to the process and finds it enlivening to think of the person or child her dreamcatchers may eventually connect with it.

Dreamcatchers are great for kids, especially one's that have bad dreams often. They give them a feeling of security when they fall asleep that they are protected.

We love the wooden feather garland, dream catcher mobile, and doily dreamer.

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