Born on Monday | @ro.birkey

 We are so psyched to have discovered these amazing handcrafted blankets from Born on Monday. There is something really special and unique about this darling collection. 

When designer, Miriam Altamira's, best friend told her she was expecting her first baby she spent days thinking what would be the best, most thoughtful gift a new mom would need and appreciate. Something without a specific size so the baby could use it from the very first day of his or her life and grow with it, something that could be used for many years and yet so unique and beautiful designed that  could be a priceless memory for both, baby and mother.

That's how she carefully created her first baby blanket. 

When Miriam learned she was expecting her own baby the first thing she made before even knowing the gender was a baby blanket. 

Her beautiful baby girl, Nina, was Born on monday-hence the name "Born on Monday".

Find the perfect gift for YOUR special friend who is about to become a parent, or something that you and your little one will treasure for many years to come here.


All photos by @Ro.Birkey

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