Coobella Diapers | @TaylorLonghurst_

  As a new parent, diapers will be a big part of your life, at least for a few years. But which diaper will be best for your new baby? So many options! We love these sweet ones from the adorable Coobella Diaper collection. 

Each Coobella gift box comes with 20 customized (8-15lbs) speciality bamboo diapers. Each Coobella diaper is printed with all natural, soy-based ink and are made from extra soft and silky bamboo fiber material. These premium diapers are all natural, biodegradable, fragrance and chlorine free. 

Coobella Inspired Diapers is a thoughtful, novelty gift that helps care for a precious baby but SPEAKS to Mom during changing time! Instead of Mom looking at a cartoon or other random designs... why not uplifting,  encouraging and heart warming messages during this miraculous, yet life changing event?!

The essence of Coobella is to give that special Mom the things she needs most: diapers (of course) with an added touch of inspiration, grace and a little laughter ... one diaper change at a time!

Life.Is.Changing - literally! Shop Coobella here.

Clothing provided by Louise Louise

Photos courtesy of Taylor Longhurst