Cleobella Littles: Las Lunas SS 2017

We have had a major crush on Cleobella Littles for quite some time now. They’re the epitome of vacation vibes and effortless style. The very hip and bohemian style is exactly what we're looking for in Summer threads for our little ones. We are fully obsessed with their Bailey onesie, the ikat print is just as adorable as can be. We can't take our eyes off of this insanely gorgeous June dress, perfect for Summer Bbq's or days at the beach. 

"Inspired by the wondrous, free spirited, and vibrant energy our littles exude everywhere they roam.  Las Lunas is a celebration of all the colorful sunsets, and moonbeam filled nights we’ve experienced with our little ones in Bali. They see everything with new eyes and are able to bring the purest form of energy to everything they do. Las Lunas is made for the little ones who march to the beat of their own drum. They are colorful, wild, and free. They’re our little shining moonbeams."

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CREDITS @cleobella

Photography: @anavetnaya

Location: La Laguna Bali @lalaguna