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You are GOLD. Always. I have a weak spot for golden things, and sparkling things for that matter, you know... that thing with diamonds and a girl's best friend. Marilyn knew it al along. 

But for now let's talk GOLD. 

When I saw the golden Mini Rodini leggings and swimsuit at 08 Dresscode , I immediately fell in love with them and before I even knew it, I had clicked both pieces into my shopping basket. The golden Shampoodle sweater Jules is wearing, is a piece I scored two years ago at Big en Belg in Amsterdam, it finally fits, sort of, but it was too good not to buy. I loved it then and, love it now and will probably still love it when Jeanne will grow into it. 

Credits :

Jeanne : Mini Rodini legging and swimsuit from 08 Dresscode
Zecchino d'oro Sandals from Les Casse Pieds 

Jules : Shampoodle sweater | Black harem pants Mingokids 

Photography and styling| Isabel

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