Tybee @GrayBenko

A few weekends ago the family and I, along with my friend Chassity and her kiddos, went to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends Meredith at her grandmother’s 110 year old beach house right on the very tip of Tybee Island, GA.  Old and meandering with 3 levels of rustic charm and porches that wrap around for days, this house is the stuff of dreams.  There is no air conditioning but ample humidity, so you feel like you’re slow roasting in an oven; yet somehow you don’t seem to mind because this place is 100% pure magic.  Between the three of us, with six children under the age of 5, things got a little crazy (as you can probably imagine) but the kids all had a sweaty, sandy, amazing time and we can’t wait to all do it again next year!  No photo would ever be able to do this house or our time there justice, but here is my humble attempt at capturing a little bit of the magic for you anyway…



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