Tulum City Guide

We have partnered with some of our favorite bloggers and some of our favorite artists to create beautiful a new feature on Mini Style.  Each month, we will have a new "Travel Guide" from cities all over the world.  Our blogging friends will share their favorite must-visit spots from their city, share stories and photos.  Our artists friends will be creating custom designed printable maps for you all to print and take with you on your travels as well.  We are really proud to have been able to collaborate with so many talented and lovely people. Today we are bringing you a guide to Tulum!

Blogger:  Katie James

"I recently moved my family from Dallas, Tx. to Playa Del Carmen, Mx. and we are located right in between Playa and Tulum. Most of our weekends are spent in Tulum and it is quickly becoming the "hidden gem" and go-to spot in the Yucatán. While there are several beautiful travel destinations near where we live including Playa, Isla Mujeres, Valladolid, Cozumel, etc. Tulum stands out among the rest due to it's stance against major resorts and becoming too "touristy". The town is working hard to maintain the raw beauty that it offers and features one of a kind boutique hotels and restaurants.

I launched a blog, Dear Luca+Olivia, when we moved here in order to document our experiences and capture the finer moments. I'm working on doing some travel posts featuring Tulum and all that it offers, highlighting the go-to spots."

I've learned that when people think of Tulum they think of a town full of ruins. While, yes, it is a major tourist attraction and certainly a sight to see, there is actually a lot more to explore in the beautiful town of Tulum. It's also known to for its collection of boutique hotels and restaurants that line the narrow street along the beach town. Tulum is a town everyone should experience once in their life for the sheer fact that it prides itself on the natural beauty and that it hasn't been polluted with major resorts and chain restaurants!

I've broken it down into 3 main parts that should help you navigate through and make the most out of your stay here.

TULUM TOWN is perfect for wandering around and stopping off at the small cafés that line the road and peeking into the artisan shops. You may find traditional, unique toys to bring back for the kids. I always like finding things on my travels to bring home that remind us of the trips we take. Make sure you grab a fresh Coconut to sip on while you walk around. 

TULUM BEACH is where you'll spend most of your time. I prefer eating at restaurants along the beach with my kids so once they're finished they can play in the sand right by your table while you enjoy the rest of your meal.

ZULUM is a really great spot because they cook some of the food right there on the beach. My kids love watching them filet the fish and then can turn around and run along the beach as well. They'll bring your food out to wherever you want to sit and the pizza is one of the best I've had.

I also recommend COCINA DE CORINA , they have a row of hammocks which is nice to swing the kids in while you wait for the good to come and again it's nice to finish up dinner with a walk along the beach!


PIEDRA ESCONDIDA is a perfect place to park for the day and let the kids run around while enjoying the cabanas, food & drinks. The beach is blocked off by the natural rocks that separate you from the rest of the coast. 


If you want to venture out and have a rental car I would suggest heading to SIAN KAAN which is a biosphere and has one of the most beautiful virgin beaches we've seen. Definitely worth taking a walk down the beach! 

COQUI COQUI is also a favorite of ours. They have a toy basket right inside that the kids can use while you're visiting. They will also let you use the cabanas while you're there for the day. One of my best days in Tulum was spent at the beach here and I loved being able to look through the boutique and perfumery, have a glass of wine and watch the kids run around and play! 

THE RUINS: I'm not sure I would recommend going to see the ruins if you have kids under the age of 5. It's very difficult to navigate through with a stroller and you're perched up on a cliff over looking the ocean with a breathtaking view, but for me, I was in a state of fear the whole time. A small child could easily fall over the edge while trying to explore and see what's on the other side. However, with older kids it's certainly a a must do and worth the trip!


Artist: Clio


Clio has created a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, map of Tulum and it's must-sees to visit during your travels.  Please feel free to print it out, Pin it, frame it, whatever!  It's absolutely gorgeous!


About Clio: 


Fashion Lover, Scrap Collector, Painter at heart.
By way of Antwerp, Belgium, I'm a painter by trade, working and living in Montreal, I was painting my way into the houses and homes of people all over the world.
Inspired by some new mommy-friends who commissioned art work for their children’s rooms, I teamed up with my sis-in-law, and together we founded Crayon Cocotte.