Timeshel | @Ro.Birkey

In a world of quick, often disposable digital experiences Timeshel wants everyone to find unique value in slowing down and reflecting on their stories as they live them.

Timeshel is an amazing service that helps you turn those memorable life moments that are stuck on our phones  into beautiful prints you can cherish forever.

Printed photographs have the power to preserve life's moments in a special way no digital experience will ever replace. As we look forward to living lives worth remembering, timeshel serves as an enjoyable and thoughtful way to record and preserve those stories for ourselves and those who come after us.

Timeshel works on a monthly cycle. Update your β€˜story’ by adding or removing moments throughout the month. At midnight on the last day of the calendar month they will automatically capture your story, print it, and ship it to you.

Download the Timeshel app here and use code 'MINISTORY' for 15% off your first purchase!

All photos courtesy of @Ro.Birkey

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