Thimble Collection featuring @ElzaPhotographie

Summer days are in full swing and we are so happy to have discovered the darling Thimble Collection! This lovely company wants to dress children in clothing thatโ€™s beautiful, functional, comfortable and high-quality. Carrying girls and boys sizes 0-4, they want their pieces to last even as your kids grow (and grow and grow). Thimble's look celebrates children while appealing to parents as well. Their fabrics are soft and comfortable. Small details allow each piece to grow with your children and make your job a little easier, trading annoying snaps for zipper closures to make diaper changing faster and easier!

Each garment is constructed in the US by a mother (or father!) crafting each piece with the care she would give an item for her own child. Working from home, Thimble's experienced seamstresses are able to be with their children while providing for them financially. This means that you can enjoy pieces of the highest quality for your family while helping support American families. Awesome!

Shop Thimble's ridiculously adorable collection here and use code 'THIMBLEKIDS' for 30% off your purchase! 

All photos courtesy of Elza Photographie