The Fairy Mail Co. | @Its.Rachelanne


The Fairy Mail Co. is an AMAZING concept that we just completely fell in love with. They want children to know that anything is possible and that goodness abounds, even in a world they cannot see. So they send them letters from fairies filled with exciting stories, lessons about magic, and fairy dust.  A that a child who believes in magic will live a magical life, marked by imagination and possibilities. Their  packages are filled with magical, interactive gifts to inspire a passion for exploration and curiosity in every child. 

It might be your child, who’s had a hard week, or maybe a child you know won’t get dinner tonight. The Wish Outlet is for them. This is the place where they curate and send special packages for free to certain children who need a reminder that magic exists.

These packages are sent from their fairies and are therefore anonymous. They include a personalized letter from a fairy, along with practical gifts that contribute to both physical and emotional wellness, based on the individual needs of recipients.

If you know a child who could use a package from The Wish Outlet, please fill out the form here. If they are able to meet your request, a picture of the package and its contents will be emailed to you on the day the package is shipped. 


Photos courtesy of @Its.Rachelanne