Tempaper Designs | @LikelyCrush

Palms, Palms, Palms...maybe one of our favorite things over here.  So when a friend decided to refresh her twin babies' nursery with a palm print wallpaper from Tempaper, we were drooling over the result.

"Ava and Isabel have big personalities, and I wanted their nursery refresh to reflect that. The accent wall is the perfect pop in their otherwise bright and white space." Arley Schafer

It's no secret that we are huge fans of decorating and re-decorating, and the new way of wallpapering (self adhesive paper) makes wallpaper less of a 'permanent' commitment and pretty easy to do.  If two mamas with four tots under the age of four can hang it while the babes are running around and climbing on sinks, then you know it can't be that hard.

So all the creative types, interior obsessed, forever purchasing-and-changing-up-your-home types out there...this is right up your alley.  We're actually thinking it can be a seasonal thing too.  Oooooh and we love the idea of a new accent wall for big holidays.  The possibilities are endless!  Shop Tempaper here.

And it's safe to say Ava and Isabel are loving their new tropical jungle too.  Just take a look...

All photos courtesy of @CaseyaFreise of @LikelyCrush