Tane Organics SS15

When we came across Tane organics a few years ago, we knew we found something really special to dress our little ones in. Tane uses the purest, most luxurious  natural fibers in their pieces and we think thats just how clothes for babies should be made!

 TANE pays tribute to the exhilarating presence of NYC for Spring / Summer 2015.

A magnetic city, full of energy, refraction, and motion, New York City is the home of TANE organics. Everything in this city is an inspiration, especially it’s ever changing light, casting effortlessly on its citizens. The iconic lines, colors, and textures of the Metropolis are the inspirations for TANE’s Spring / Summer 2015 collection.

The collection was conceived with what is visible but especially, moved by what is not seen with the eyes. The majestic outline of the linear skyline translates into stark piping trim in urban, contrasting colors. The artistic vibe of street graffiti playfully echoes in the mélange textures of marled blended yarns. Grid-like dotted bold stitching reminds us of the metro patterns of the subway, weaving across the city's core. The very distinct emblem of the Big Apple scatters whimsically across abstract surfaces while City Stars illuminates across stark cotton poplin, reminding us that we are all shining stars.

Often, one only needs to see what’s in front to be inspired. New York, New York!

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