Summer in Holland | Style Contributor @AnCiolina

I don't know how many people are familiar with our little country, but who are might know that the weather here isn't so great! That's a real shame, since we have some beautiful beaches here!

Every summer, family from America come to the Netherlands... So for two whole months, Stella has her three nieces to play with! The littlest one Uma and Stella are one month apart and they are real friends. They see each other once every year but when you see them play, you would think they have daily visits... Which is partly true: all because of FaceTime and videos they send to each other! How great is it to live in a time where this is all possible?! And where two little girls who live more then 5000km apart, become real friends?

Stella and Uma, the best of friends!

Stella and Uma are both wearing a dress from Gray Label, bought online at Pomme de Jus.

And are both wearing a beautiful handmade pompom tiara, made by La-Fete!

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