Storybook Series: Peter Pan | Guest Contributor Elisabeth Hunter


Often when reading to my children I daydream about how I would dress the characters in those stories in real life. Even when watching movies or hearing stories told, I am always imagining what I would have the characters wear and where I would photograph them to be reminiscent of that story. The Storybook Series was born from these daydreams.  With this series every few weeks you can find a story styled, not with costumes, but with clothes that evoke the story.  Our first is Peter Pan where we first find the Darling children playing in the nursery and then we see the Lost Boys, being wild and free.  


“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!” (J.M. Barrie)

Photos |   Leigh Webber @leighwebber

Styling |  Elizabeth Hunter @Erob77 


Wendy Darling's and John Darling’s pajamas - La Coqueta  / @lacoquetakids)

Michael Darling pajamas - Petidoux  / @petidoux) Recommend sizing up a full size. 

Ship kite -  Haptic Lab provided by Shop Worthwhile / @shopworthwhile)


Animal masks and “play” and “Imagine” pins - Opposite of Far / @oppositeoffar)

Embroidered pins and necklace pouch - Coral and Tusk / @coralandtusk)

Gingham shirts, sweaters, striped long sleeve shirt, berry overalls, slate bloomers - Olive Juice Clothing

Gray chinos, boots - La Coqueta

Ship kite - Haptic Lab provided by Shop Worthwhile  / @shopworthwhile)

Swing - The Swurfer  / @theswurfer)