SpoonfulOne: The Proactive Approach to Food Allergies


As parents there are many things we do to support and care for our children. We read bedtime stories to spark a love for reading, use sunscreen to protect their skin, and put them in seat belts and bike helmets to pave the way for their daily adventures. Turns out, we can do something to launch their immune systems as well, by starting them on the right path through smart nutrition. SpoonfulOne is doing just that by giving parents a really simple and easy way to incorporate the foods responsible for 90% of all allergies into your child’s everyday mealtime routine. It gently trains their immune system, beginning once solid foods have been introduced around 4-6 months. 

New research shows that introducing potentially allergenic foods like peanuts and eggs into children's diets early and often helps them get to know and stay accustomed to different foods. SpoonfulOne was formulated by a Stanford pediatrician, allergist and also mother of five as a proactive way to include all the most common foods that might cause an allergic risk. It’s complete and convenient and covers not only peanut but all other common allergenic foods like shrimp, soy and cashews which can be difficult to include into your child’s daily diet. It’s conveniently packaged into single servings (which is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles too!) and the process is simple too - Just mix the ingredients from the packet into any single serving of food and that’s it. It’s made with real foods and is almost taste-free too, which alleviates the concern of your little one not liking the taste. So, if you’ve ever wondered if you could be doing more as a parent to help your child, now is the time to do just that with SpoonfulOne.

We’ve partnered with SpoonfulOne to give away a 12 month supply of SpoonfulOne to one lucky momma. It’s super easy to enter: Just make sure to follow the instructions on the entry form at the very bottom of this post. The winner will be chosen on 10/20! Good luck!