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We LOVE discovering new online boutiques and sharing them with our readers. Every once in a while, we come across one that really just gets it right. That's why we could not wait to tell you about Tiny Crane, a shop that combines registry essentials with baby clothing you can’t find on other major registry sites. 

Tiny Crane was created by two friends who have a mutual love for babies.  Aimee and Christina, former colleagues and both mothers, know how difficult and overwhelming creating a baby registry can be.  They decided to create a store that offers the highest rated and safest items, while also offering hard-to-find specialty items for parents that enjoy beautiful design and unique style.  The store is carefully curated to offer a simple and fun shopping experience for parents.  It's a place where parents can find products they know they can trust, while also discovering items from new designers.  

All of the featured items seen in the photos here are available for purchase here. Tiny Crane is offering our readers 20% off through October 31st with code 'ministyle20 '.

Be sure to visit Tiny Crane on Instagram to get updates on new arrivals and sales.

P.S - How AMAZING are their new Pendleton crib blankets?!

All photos | Jennie Prince

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