Shop Spotlight: Little Starling | @AshWisdom

Little Starling is a clothing brand for babies and toddler girls. In the beginning, the label came from the idea of creating handcrafted hairpieces and little girl’s accessories which were handmade by a young Thai-American designer, a mother of a little girl full of imagination and fun who gave her so much inspiration and passion to create art through the fabric.

Little Starling's line is defined to be sweet, simple with tiny details and comfortable to wear. It is a mixture of combined cultures from parts of the world, dreamy and creative with lots of pastel, printed and solid and natural color tones. 

With their story line and designs from the mother to mothers, makes Little Starling is a unique brand made to share memories with you through quality products that can grow with your little ones. Little Starling is pleased to send their love and care by being part of your children's memories for years and years.

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All photos courtesy of @AshWisdom