Saxon + Sunra | Style Contributor @RcNagano

 When we came across Saxon + SunRa, it was love at first sight! Style Contributor @RNagano did an amazing job styling her little one in their GORGEOUS pieces!

 Through precise design, Saxon + SunRa strives to create beautiful limited edition garments for the little people in your life. They are true believers in the quality of handcrafted items. Each S+S piece is carefully hand cut, pieced, and sewn together. The character of each garment is timeless and unique. That is part of their venture. To create unique items that can be passed down from generation to generation. To create things that you hold dear to your heart. To create more than just clothes, but pieces of art. Inspired by the mother, the child, the tame and the wild.

Some of our favorites are the darling Beams Bonnett, the Duke Jumpsuit and Ikat Harem Pants. We wish these came in adult sizes!

Even better, Saxon + SunRa donates a portion of their profits to help stop modern day slavery, including sex trafficking, and labor trafficking. There is an estimated 20.9 million men, women, and children from around the globe that are trafficked for commercial sex or forced labor. Each purchase made, allows us to donate to help create awareness, and stop this $150 billion industry.


Shop the Saxon + SunRa pieces here.


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