Freja is 3 years old and her room is my favorite in our apartment. I wanted a bright kids room - a room where Freja would feel happy and love to play. The room is always changing as Freja grows but the white walls and furniture and lots of bright as well as cosy lighting are the basic features. Toys, boxes, pillows and textiles add patterns and color to the room and the splash-of-pink theme - that’s just Freja being a 3year old girl.


Above her bed I created a colorful and decorative corner with paper pompoms matching the two moon posters. Her toys and books are mostly arranged on one side of the room in a bookshelf along side her little kitchen but I love the storage totes from Ferm Living for Freja’s soft toys and dress up gear. Even though it’s not a large room we prioritized making a teepee corner decorated with lights, soft cushions and a whimsical woodland theme with illustrations from Jennie Ekström. This is Freja’s space for reading her books, retreating with the IPad and taking an occasional nap.


Most of the cushions, dolls etc. are either homemade or things I sell in my webshop along with a variety of other kids room’s accessories  designed or handpicked by myself. 


Teepee from / Funky knit dolls from Luckyboysunday / Doll’s stroller is vintage / Bunny dolls, moon posters, apple & cloud cushions, bunny light etc from / Crochet bear is handmade by a friend / Pouffe, bedding & monochrome clouds are homemade.