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Rooms for twins, equal but not the same!

When thinking about decorating the two rooms for our twin boys it was really important to me that they would be equally thought through with the details without being the same. I tried to make the base yellow in one room and green in the other. I also made sure that they both have a mix of old things and new. The yellow room that belongs to Wilmer has a wallpaper from Ferm living that is one of my personal favourites. In Ludwigs room we put up a wonderful wallpaper with a map on it. A few things are the same in both rooms like the drums from Acne jr and the knitted rabbit from lucky boy sunday.  But most of the time I have bought things with different colours like the blankets from Spearmintbaby and different patterns as in the folded mattresses from Netto.

Today the rooms feels fun and playful and just as individual that I wanted.

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