Room Tour- @shaneenrosephotos

My name is Shaneen Rosewarne Cox and I'm a photographer and blogger based in the UK. My daughters room has only recently been changed into a more "grown up" space after she out grew her nursery. The walls are bright white and the carpet grey but the colour pops from her bed frame (a steal from ebay at Β£40) and accessories mean the room is very colourful. Most of her accessories are from which is run by my friend and blogging partner, Hayley Southwood. Blogging for a very interior led helped massively when it came to decorating Freya's room. A personalised doll from ,paper garlands from and the bedding from help to keep the room fun and busy. I am a professional photographer ( so have a lot of my own prints on the wall but I have also added a funky circus print from and a calendar from

My house is very white, white walls, white floors and people always comment on how crazy I am having a white living space with two young children, a dog and two cats in tow, but the truth is I find it a lot easier to maintain. We spot paint every few months to get rid of any sticky handprints or crayon marks. 

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